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Trans Affirming Training

Training Program | PROJECT EDUCATE.Project Out’s education and training program provides a strong foundation for cisgender (non-transgender) audiences to learn how to appropriately and affirmingly create a welcoming and inclusive environment as it relates to transgender identity and interpersonal connection. This interactive training and assessment program is designed to ensure that staff, management, government agencies, non-profits and individuals partaking in it become well versed and culturally aware, sensitive and competent in relating to and interacting with the transgender community on...

Transgender Talk: Eliminating Cis-Centric Behavior

Transgender people don’t “turn into” someone they weren’t already beforeBy: Nicole Lashomb/Editor-in-Chief—Since the transgender world has entered my life in the most pervasive way possible without being trans myself, my senses have been increasingly heightened by questions and comments that negatively impact the perspective of and increase bias against the transgender community by cisgender-centric behavior. Though it is never acceptable to just start talking about another person’s gender identity—unless that person has consented to do so—when you do receive the...