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Individual scholarships provided on an evaluation and application basis to financially assist transgender people with extra costs not covered by health insurance companies. These additional expenses may be related to medical treatment, surgery and prosthetics needed in order to live authentically each day.


Project OUT partners with world-class health facilities that offer competent transgender health programs to provide treatment for gender dysphoria. Through referral services and on a case-by-case basis trans individuals will be directed to treatment facilities that are best equipped to serve particular needs.

This includes physical, psychological and cultural support before, during and after the transition process. Transportation access to medical appointments is also available for those without a reliable transportation method.


Project ID is a step-by-step program to personally assist members of the transgender community with updating paperwork required for legal name changes, gender marker updates and other documents in order to reflect the accurate gender identity. Financial assistance for fees incurred in this process is available.

According to the National Transgender Center for Equality:

  • Only 59% reported updating the gender on their driver’s license/state ID, meaning 41% live without ID that matches their gender identity.
  • Forty percent (40%) of those who presented ID (when it was required in the ordinary course of life) that did not match their gender identity/expression reported being harassed, 3% reported being attacked or assaulted, and 15% reported being asked to leave.


Project OUT will connect transgender people to employers that affirm gender identity and offer a supportive and inclusive employee culture. This database will build a trans-employer opportunity network to help end the prevalent rate of unemployment and below poverty level household income.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that respondents lived in extreme poverty. They were nearly four times more likely to have a household income of less than $10,000/year.

Suicide rates rose from 41% to 55%, for transgender community members who lost a job due to bias.

Respondents who had lost a job due to bias also experienced ruinous consequences such as four times the rate of homelessness, 70% more current drinking or misuse of drugs to cope with mistreatment, 85% more incarceration, more than double the rate working in the underground economy, and more than double the HIV infection rate, compared to those who did not lose a job due to bias.


Transgender competency & certification training is provided to businesses, organizations, health centers, and/or individuals to build awareness and proivde the tools needed create an inclusive and gender-affirming environment. This project is dedicated to eradicating bias against the trans commnity and empowers it’s members to be able live safely and authentically each day.

Once the training has been completed and assessed, Project Out will issue a certificate to the business/organization demonstating its understanding of the transgender community. This certificate and training program lies the primary bedrock for all referral services.

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Project Out provides support and financial assistance to transgender and gender non-binary individuals who do not have access to life saving gender-affirming services & products that allow for authentic living.

Through education, advocacy and gender-affirming programs, Project Out is dedicated to eradicate bias against the transgender community while empowering the trans community to live safely and authentically each day.